In lieu of recent events at UW-Madison exposing underlying racism and hatred towards minority students, this is what I have to say. I am a proud Latina student on scholarship at UW. This is what my racist peers think of that: To note a few key things… “Okay but they shouldn’t get scholarships before more qualified … More #TheRealUW

Days with my Father

Phillip Toledano and his father were close. It was easy to see in Phillip’s online photo journal of the relationship between him and his dying father in their last days together, called “Days with my Father.” I was flipping through the photo series much in the way one reads something that relates to you as … More Days with my Father

6 Signs You’re an Old Soul Stuck at a Party School

It is Friday night and I am sitting in my first-floor apartment listening to NPR’s This American Life cover 2009’s top party school, Penn State. The show focuses on party culture in State College, Pennsylvania. In the first eight minutes, two college boys are caught red-handed stealing a stop sign and several plastered partiers have … More 6 Signs You’re an Old Soul Stuck at a Party School